Darko mitev ragnartop
Darko mitev ragnarmiddle
Darko mitev ragnarlow
Darko mitev ragnar final

Ragnar Final Image

Darko mitev ragnar final backlight

Back Light

Darko mitev face close up


Darko mitev sword

Sword Close Up

Darko mitev swordbreakdown

Sword Breakdown

Darko mitev lightingbreakdown

Lighting Breakdown

Darko mitev scenebreakdown

Scene Breakdown


Ragnar is a character of my own design. It was a good challenge for me to sharpen my 3D design skills.
Quick Backstory: As part of genetic experimentation, Ragnar developed physical mutations on his body. The green crystal-like structure that grows on his body gives him great strength and stamina. His sword, specially designed for him, serves as a catalyst for his power. When he uses it, he can transfer the energy into the sword to create massive shock wave of energy, obliterating everything on its path. He is not violent in nature, but not trustworthy either. He can be very impulsive and make rush decisions, so if you see he is not the mood, don't stand in his way!

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