The Old Workshop
Darko mitev oldworkshop15
Darko mitev paint can rnd01
Darko mitev tool01 rnd01
Darko mitev pliers rnd01
Darko mitev tool02 rnd01
Darko mitev statue metal tag
Darko mitev oldworkshop15 wireframe
Darko mitev tool01 wireframe
Darko mitev paint can lighting exr
Darko mitev pliers wireframe
Darko mitev tool02 lighting

Old Workshop Modeling 01

Old Workshop Modeling 02

Old Workshop Modeling 03 (skip to 0s)

Old Workshop Modeling 04 (skip to 0s)

Old Workshop Texturing 01 (skip to 0s)

Old Workshop Texturing 02 (skip to 0s)

Old Workshop Texturing 03 (skip to 0s)

Old Workshop Texturing 04 (skip to 0s)

The Old Workshop

Hello everyone, I would like to share with you my latest project The Old Workshop. This piece came together as a result of the 5 week course that I thought at Animation Skillnet Ireland titled Texturing and Look Development for Production. I hope you like it, and thanks to Animation Skillnet for the opportunity!

You can see the short breakdown videos in the playlist below:

P.S. This series of videos are the first ones that I will upload on my new YouTube channel SplitPoligon. Also, I will be moving all my old video tutorials and Making Of's from my personal YouTube channel to SplitPoligon, so be sure to subscribe to that one to get notified when I get new content out. Thanks !

More artwork
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